We customize all steel cuts to suit your needs.

Galvanized Print

A steel sheet that has been subjected to a process of hot-dip coated sheet of 100% zinc , in order to prevent corrosion.  

Print Cold Rolled Steel

It is a rerolled material that achieves a minor thickness and has a bright surface finishing , as well as tight dimensional tolerances and high mechanical strength, high toughness and low ductility. 

Hot-rolled sheet

It is used in the automotive industry , in structures , in the manufacturing of bus frames in pipes, profiles , platforms , capital goods and overall construction.  

Pre - Painted Print

It is ideal for making roofs and facades , decorative outdoor and indoor design projects , appliance manufacturing and thermal insulation products.  

Commercial Plate

Construction plate. 

Print and Skid Plate

Is a black hot sheet with mild relief engraved on its surface  

Galvannealed Sheet

Coated steel product with an iron zinc alignment by a hot-dip process and subsequent thermal annealing treatment. 

High Strength Sheets

High tension resistant sheet greater than those offered by low carbon steel.